Finding the Area in AutoCAD

Vitruvius’ CAD tip for finding the area of a closed region.

If you need to figure out the area of an arbitrary closed region of a 2D shape in AutoCAD here is the quickest way to achieve this.

Below is a step by step guide accompanied with visual aids to the right:

  1. Type AREA (↵ or ‘space bar’) to initiate the area command.
  2. When asked to specify the first corner point, hover the cursor over a corner of the area you wish to measure and click.
  3. Then move the cursor over to the second point and click. You will see a hashed line following the cursor.
  4. Continue to proceed to move the cursor over your third point and click. You will now start to see a green hatch appear between the points.
  5. Continue with the above steps until all corners of closed region are highlighted.
  6. Once all corners have been clicked press ↵ or ‘space bar’ and this will give you the area of your defined region.


February 2015

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